The Nightmare Before Christmas by Jeff Soto

18” X 24” screen print, regular edition of 300 and variant edition of 125. Available at screenings of the film on Halloween night at El Capitan Theatre in LA.


Banksy in New York City, Week One.

Banksy has been doing his New York City residency, “Better Out Than In,” for eight days now.  Though most of the work thus far deals with past themes and ideas Banksy has been known to play with, the work is still just as alluring as it has ever been.

Most notably (see below) is Banksy’s video, “Rebel rocket attack.”  The video shows Dumbo, the Disney elephant, being shot out of the sky by Syrian rebels and features actual sound from a Syrian rebel attack on a helicopter.  The video ends with a child investigating the deceased elephant and then angrily kicking the adult next to him (An act of rebellion in it’s own right).

The implications of this video range from heightening awareness of what’s happening in Syria to the opposite which is turning a cold shoulder among other thoughts such as loss of youth (A child seeing death), image appropriation (Is Banksy using the image of Dumbo legally?), viewers being dumbfounded and/or dumb to the fact that the audio is an actual helicopter attack (“Dumbo”), America’s ability to seemingly only relate “Allahu Ackbar” (God is great) to Al Qaeda and the general idea of an elephant in the room, one of Banksy’s favorite topics (Plus many more things to contemplate, still).

You can watch the video below and see all of Banksy’s New York City work thus far below:

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